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Mermaid research Mermaid research

Rated 5 / 5 stars

A very interesting concept and definately more stunning and realistic than the usual take on mermaids. Especially the egg clutch is a very intersting idea.
I lost it at 'Feeds on' though xD Feeds on: BAMBI!
Great work!

Flowers10 responds:

Haha poor bambi!

Back to Hell Back to Hell

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Very nice drawing! The details are great but a little overwhelming... All in all you did really well, but try working more with shadows, like, setting the foreground to be the lightest part and mid and background to be darker, or in this case, let the midground be lightest to have a focus on what's actually happened. At the moment the green of the background, the fire stone like thing (sorry, not sure what exactly it is,...) all get the focus away from the main illustration. You are certainly very gifted and have the anatomy and texturing down already! Good job on that, but the next step is to learn to use light and atmosphere to get a focus on what's really important in the picture. In this case for example it's an easy fix. Just add a layer on multiply on top of your drawing and go over everything that you don't want the main focus on.
Something like this: (a bit more clean of course, did this in a minute but you get the idea)
Especially the light green bg is making the attention wander astray from the hero on devil.

But all in all a very good piece of art!

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RussFairchild responds:

Oooooo thank you so much! Ya I knew it was way to busy, I wasn't sure how to turn it down. I will update it soon.